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We are a Salt Lake City elite athlete and general health facility that blends Chiropractic, Physical Therapy and Massage for a refreshing and different approach. Our chiropractors and staff focus first on prevention; but they are also ready to help when you need rehabilitation.

The key to the results you deserve begins with a proper diagnosis. That is, finding out what is causing your discomfort and why. Our unique approach not only helps relieve your painful symptoms but also helps you strengthen your body and increase your flexibility – giving you the ability to stay healthy and pain free. This approach is what leads our athletes and other patients to healthy, long-term results and to restore their strong vital lifestyles.

This approach is different from your typical Utah Chiropractor or Physical Therapist who treats your symptoms of your pain and discomfort and in a lot of cases, completely ignores the cause. From your preliminary exam and consultation to your final visit with us we have one goal in mind: Get you feeling better fast and getting you back to doing what you love, quickly!

I had extreme neck pain from a car accident. The help I received here at Aspen Falls was what finally gave me relief… coming here was the best decision I have made for my health and well being.

Barbara King

I had chronic lower back pain since 1993 and was considering getting a disability. I could not move! But, after coming to Aspen Falls, I have made vast improvement. Thank you!

Andy Androulidakis

For years I had chronic hip pain that no one seemed to be able to help for any length of time. It wasn’t until I came to this clinic that I finally got the proper diagnosis, which lead to a full recovery. Thank you Aspen Falls!

M Collins