Meet the Doctors

Dr. Dustin Hedstrom, D.C.

Dr. Dustin Hedstrom, D.C.

Dr. Hedstrom began his studies at the University of Iowa and continued his studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida where he was a Cum Laude graduate of the doctoral program.

He began his practice in Kansas City and worked with professional athletes in spinal rehabilitation. Dr Hedstrom then moved to Utah to continue his practice in chiropractic care and pain related rehabilitation. Dr. Hedstrom focuses on bringing your whole system of health into balance, at times using specialized spinal decompression techniques, including the proper implementation procedures with the DRX 9000 (a highly specialized tool used for spinal decompression). His office is one of only few in this area to use these techniques.

Dr. Hedstrom's Education

Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida
Degree: Doctor of Chiropractic
Cum Laude Graduate
2003 — 2006
University of Iowa
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology
1999 — 2003
Dr. John Corbaley, D.C.

Dr. John Corbaley, D.C.

Dr. Corbaley is excited to be a member of the Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center team. He graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City and is ready to use his experience and skills to help others feel their best through chiropractic care. He has integrated muscle work coupled with motion to increase the healing process.

Dr. Corbaley is originally from Washington State, but moved to Utah to receive his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science from the University of Utah. He is married to his wife Jamie and they have three amazing children.

He is a sports enthusiast, loves to watch football and basketball. He loves being outdoors and spending as much time as he can with his family.

Dr. Zachary Taylor, D.C., CCSP

Dr. Zachary Taylor, D.C., CCSP

Dr. Zachary Taylor graduated from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Master’s in Exercise and Sport Science. Prior to that he attended Utah State University where he earned a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. At a very young age he knew he wanted to go into the medical field. He always liked anatomy and how the body works and found that chiropractic fit very well with that. His goal is to help people be pain free so they can participate in the activities they love.

Dr. Taylor grew up in Brigham City, Utah in a large family. He enjoyed playing all sports and had plenty of healthy competition being the third of seven children. He gained an appreciation for the great outdoors through the many family biking, hiking, camping and backpacking trips taken every year.

Dr. Taylor served a mission in the Texas, Houston South Spanish Speaking Mission. He also spent a couple of weeks in Haiti and the Dominican Republic providing free chiropractic care to those in need, and 3 months giving humanitarian service to the people of Fiji, where he met his wife, Alex, who was also a volunteer. He enjoys soccer, volleyball, hiking, camping, traveling and spending time with his family.

Dr. Taylor's Education

University of Western State
Doctorate of Chiropractic
Masters in Excercise and Sport Science
2013 — 2015
Utah State University
Bachelors in Exercise Science
2009 — 2012


Our approach to your health and care is first and foremost addressing your concerns, pains and their causes. We then help treat the causes and symptoms, so that you can heal properly, and then strengthen and balance your whole body. This approach is unique and long lasting. Our "whole body" approach includes, family healthcare, nutrition, weight-loss, along with light-force and instrumental adjusting techniques. While his approach is "total health and wellness", he may include some of the following:

  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Electric Stimulation Therapy
  • Ice and Heat Therapy
  • Core Strengthening Routine
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Coaching, Body Mechanics & Posture
  • Nutritional & Supplemental Counseling


At Aspen Falls we also believe that a large part of the healing process resides within our own attitudes and external influences. Because of this we try to make your experience with us the best part of your day!

Our staff will be happy to see you immediately, and you’ll find yourself happy to see them too.

You should not be living in pain!

Your body is an amazing thing and with a few proper balance and health adjustments as well as a new found approach to daily activities and lifestyle, you will find yourself on a rapid path to feeling better and staying better!


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