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What Makes Us Different? — It's Our Chiropractors, Our Approach and Our System

Here is what makes our complete chiropractic approach so different from others and what that means to you… Find the cause of your discomfort first!

I had pain in the front of my leg and hip, not even thinking about this being something a "chiropractor" could help, I discussed my pain over lunch with my friend, Dr. Hedstrom. He asked about my pain and suggested a full exam and found a nerve in my lower back that was completely pinched off! …After 4 years of going to physical therapists, orthopedic specialists who were treating me for the symptoms (unsuccessfully), it was Dr Hedstrom who wanted to find the cause of my pain first…and it appeared to have nothing to do with what I would have thought a chirpractor would have looked at. Dr. Hedstrom is amazing and within a few months, I was pain free! After 4 years! I cant say enough, thanks!

M. Collins

Our approach to helping you re-gain a totally pain free body and active lifestyle is first and foremost a result of a proper diagnosis. That is, finding out what is causing your discomfort and why. Once we know what is causing your discomfort then we can go to work and help relieve your symtoms. Incorporating our "system" of a proper diagnosis, treatment and chiropractic followup is what leads our patients to a healthy longer lasting "cure" and strong vital lifestyle.

Our goal is to get you back to doing what you love, quicker. Our patients tell the real story.

This approach is different from your typical Utah Chiropractor who treats your symptoms and in a lot of cases, completely ignores the cause. Everything from your preliminary chiropractic exam and consultation with our chiropractors and our staff right down to your final visit with us has been developed with one goal in mind: Get You Feeling Better Fast!

When your injury or discomfort is a result of spinal inconsistensies, our chiropractic system combines the science of spinal decompression with state of the art technology in the DRX-9000.

Our Chiropractors are the Leading Authorities in Salt Lake City Utah when it comes to your chiropractic and health needs.

We are able to use these tools and couple them with our other therapies and techniques:

The DRX-9000 and Spinal Decompression

In addition to using the DRX-9000 to help allieviate your spinal discomfort and bring things "back" to where they should be, we carefully integrate these procedures with a "whole body" approach that may also include:

  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Electric Stimulation Therapy
  • Ice and Heat Therapy
  • Core Strengthening Routine
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Coaching, Body Mechanics & Posture
  • Nutritional & Supplemental Counseling

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By addressing not just the symptoms and pain associated with your discomfort, but first the cause and then including all of the other factors involved, we are able to achieve a remarkable success rate.

At Aspen Falls we also believe that a large part of the healing process resides within our own attitudes and external influences. Because of this we try to make your experience with us the best part of your day! Our chiropractic staff will be happy to see - and you’ll find yourself happy to see them too. This will foster an enviroment that will help your body to heal itself. We are the leading chiropractor authority in chiropractic health care in Salt Lake City Utah.