Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center Testimonials

Mary Dupaix

I had a bulging disc in my neck and lower back. I had to stop and rest to relieve the pain and wasn't able to exercise or be active for almost 7 years. While under Dr. Hedstrom's care my pain has been substantially reduced, my muscle spasms are gone and I am beginning to be able to exercise again. Thank YOU!

Tami Hughes

Before Dr. Hedstrom, I had been going to different Utah chiropractors my whole life but was still struggling with constant back and neck pain. Dr. Hedstrom's specialties with spinal care has been a blessing in my life as well as my families. I can now go days, weeks and sometimes months without pain. I can now do the work I love without struggling to make it through the day. I highly reccommend Dr. Hedstrom, he has helped me live pain free.

Brooke Visser

I pulled a muscle in my lower back. It was so bad and I could hardly walk. I felt ten times better after the first visit. And, after the first 3 treatments with Dr. Hedstrom, I was virtually pain free.

Jerry Berez

I suffered from constant tight neck, shoulder and back muscles for 10 years or longer until I found Dr. Hedstrom. He helped me get energy back and he taught me about my overall health and how to care for myself. I am motivated to take better care of my body. I totally trust Dr. Hedstrom to fix my aches and pains and overall health.

Gayle Layton

Dr. Hedstrom is my HERO! I feel brand new and vivacious again! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgi when I was 15 yrs old. I am a very active person and it was so dibilitating at times, that it kept me from enjoying life. Since coming here, I have very little pain and so much more energy. I try to share my story with everyone because I'm amazed with the magnitude of improvement. I'm so grateful!

Sarah Velez

Lydia Carlisle

As a personal trainer I am constantly working with weights and dealing with chronic pain. I have seen many chiropractors and Dr. Hedstrom has helped me immensly. His knowledge is very thorough and I can say that he has given me probably the most complete adjustments I have ever had.

Aaron Dokas

I had mana-neurapathy in my left arm and shoulder due to an accident/fall last year, the pain has been unbearable. Within 2 visits the pain was cut in half and by the 8th visit I was washing walls and painting ceilings with no effect! After 15-16 visits I was back to exercising at Curves again. Basically, Dr. Hedstrom helped me get my life back again. He continues to encourage, inspire and help me adopt more healthy habits and lifestyle!

Carol Kelly

I have suffered from fibromyalgia, neck pain, headaches and pain all over my body for over 10 years. It was getting considerably worse since September 09. But after coming to Aspen, I have seen my neck pain helped over 80% and my over all pain is so much iimproved that I can now do things that I used to take for granted. Thanks Dr. Hedstrom.

Brittanie Hadlock