Have You Been Injured in An Auto Accident?

We are here to help! Our Aspen Falls Spinal Care Accident Chiropractic Specialists in downtown Salt Lake City and South Jordan will get you right in.

A proper initial diagnosis is key to treating any immediate pain or discomfort you may be now experiencing or that may show up even days after the accident.

An auto accident can send your body, wallet, and wellbeing reeling. But you don’t have to go at it alone. Our team of chiropractors are expertly trained physicians who know how to properly diagnose and treat auto accident related injuries.

Even if you have been in “just a fender bender”, we can help. Often, low speed accidents can cause injuries that may not show up the first day or two. You can often experience more serious health problems and have additional injuries that are at first, hidden. These may also throw off your ability to function day-to-day.

Using our specialized drug-free treatments, educational guidance, and rehabilitation approaches, we’ll help you get back into fighting shape – physically, and help you financially navigate your accident claims. No sweat.

No Stress Auto Accident Recovery

Auto accidents are stressful enough. Your recovery shouldn’t have to be.

With Aspen Falls Spinal Care, you can expect a holistic approach that encompasses a proper diagnosis, treatment for pain management, prevention, and guidance on the ins and outs of your auto injury claims.

A stress-free process from start to finish.

✓ On-call auto accident specialists and recovery advocates

✓ Assistance with filing claims

✓ Bill directly to your auto insurance

✓ No out-of-pocket expenses with auto claims

Identifying and Rehabilitating Your Auto Accident Injuries

Pain stemming from auto accident injuries can pop up immediately or creep up on you over time. No matter the time frame, our team of chiropractors will pinpoint the sources of pain and create a relieving and strengthening plan to steer you onto the road to recovery.

If you’re experiencing pain, stiffness or discomfort – DON’T IGNORE IT!

Your injuries may be more serious than you think. The sooner you get an expert diagnosis and opinion, the better chance you have for a quicker, fuller recovery.

✓  Headaches                   Whiplash

✓  Neck Pain                     Knee Pain

✓  Shoulder Pain              Hip Pain

✓  Hand Pain                    Ankle Pain

✓  Foot Pain                     Elbow Pain

✓  Lower Back Pain         Sprains and Strains

If you or any of your loved ones have recently been in an automobile accident, please contact us immediately. Our team of accident trained specialists are standing by.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Check out what our auto accident clients have to say about their recovery.


What is PIP?

Personal injury protection. Mandated by Utah state law. This exists so you can take medical care into your own hands while in an auto accident.

How do I use PIP?

If it’s tied to your personal insurance claim number. Even when you are not at fault. Your insurance will always “subrogate” or send a bill to the responsible parties insurance.

Can I use it if I am at fault?

Yes Even if you are at fault you can use the PIP that was set up while riding your personal insurance policy. Usually this is $3000 unless Specified otherwise when you and your insurance agent wrote the policy.

Will it raise my monthly Insurance premiums?

No it will not raise premiums if you are not at fault.