At Aspen Falls, couples massage is the perfect way to unwind before or after a stressful family event. Even if you aren’t preparing for an event, a couples massage might be just what you need to destress together and enjoy some peace and relaxation.

During this therapeutic massage, you and your partner will remain in the same room and be massaged at the same time. With two different therapists and a calming environment, it’s the perfect way to spend time together without the stress of planning what you’ll do. Couples massages are the best messages to unplug and spend some alone time together. You can chat quietly during the massage or simply enjoy the quiet together. Without the temptation to check your phone or the risk of your boss interrupting your dinner, you can truly enjoy the best massage as a couple in the way that you want.

You’ll be super impressed by how couples experience better intimacy and are more affectionate once they leave a great massage together. As touch stimulates hormones and chemicals within your brain, you’ll both leave feeling much happier and affectionate. Even when you get home, these feelings won’t disappear, and you’ll experience a much better intimate relationship than before.


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