Is Chiropractic Care Good for Treating Inflammation In Utah?

When people think of a chiropractor in South Jordan they think about treatment for back problems. While chiropractic treatment is ideal for treating back and neck pain, it can offer much more. If you are suffering from inflammation, chiropractic care may be able to help. Learn more about how chiropractic treatment can help control inflammation.

What Causes Inflammation?

Several things can trigger the process of inflammation. The most common trigger for inflammation is injury. Allergens, immunodeficiency, and infectious disease can also trigger inflammation. Inflammation is a survival response that allows the body to focus healing on damaged parts of the body. When a part of your body becomes swollen, it is usually inflammation.

How To Treat Inflammation

Traditional medical doctors will treat inflammation with anti-inflammatory medications. These drugs work to reduce inflammation and thereby reduce pain. However, even over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs have some unwanted side effects.

Over time, taking over-the-counter inflammation reducers can cause liver damage and other problems. Anti-inflammatory drugs are good for short-term inflammation control but not long-term. Physical therapy and active body management is a way to treat the cause and not the effect.

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help

Millions of Americans get chiropractic care every year. According to WebMD, 22 million people in the United States see a chiropractor annually. Of that group, about 7.7 million people see a chiropractor for pain relief from back pain. That is about 35% of the patients. However, the majority of people see a chiropractor for the treatment of other problems, including inflammation.

Through chiropractic treatment and adjustments, the production of Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) is reduced in the body. TNF-a is a vital part of causing the inflammatory response in the body. If you can reduce the production of TNF-a, inflammatory responses will be reduced.

Adjustments help to put your body back in line. Regular adjustments can help to keep inflammation in check. One of the biggest reasons people are choosing chiropractic care to manage inflammation and a wide range of other health concerns is because there are no negative side effects to contend with.

If you are dealing with inflammation, chiropractic treatment may provide the solution. You may be able to get the inflammation under control without having to deal with unwanted side effects. Make an appointment today.

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