Pain within the lower back or lower back pain is a common concern for many of us in the Salt Lake City and South Jordan areas, affecting up to 90% of Americans at some point in their lifetime.

Approximately 50% of people will have multiple episodes. Lower back pain is not a specific disease, it is a symptom that may occur from various sources. In up to 85% of people who have lower back pain, regardless of the fact that a thorough health care examination has been performed, rarely can a specific cause of the pain be identified.

The United States spends approximately $50 billion a year on lower back pain. Back pain may be caused by many reasons, but often there is no specific reason discovered and eventually the soreness will stop.

Please be sure to discuss your individual symptoms and also the suggested treatment options with your health-care provider to determine the correct diagnosis and treatment plan for your unique circumstances. Lower back pain is only second to the common cold as a reason behind lost days and nights at work.

It is also one of the most frequent reasons to visit a doctor or a hospital’s Emergency room. It’s the second most typical neurologic complaint in the US, second only to headache.

The lower back is definitely an intricate composition of overlapping and interconnected elements: Ligament and muscle groups and other delicate tissues, remarkably sensitive nervousness and nerve roots which travel from your lower back to the feet and legs, small and intricate joints and spinal discs making use of their gelatinous inner cores.

A problem or irritation to any of these structures can cause lower back pain and/or pain that radiates or perhaps is transferred to other parts of the body. Pain that results from lower back muscle spasms may be severe, as well as pain from unique syndromes can become chronic.

Although lower back pain is extremely common, especially in Salt Lake City and South Jordan, the signs and symptoms and harshness of lower back pain fluctuates greatly. A fairly easy lower back strain might be excruciating, sufficient to necessitate a visit to the emergency room, while a degenerating disk might cause just mild and sporadic discomfort.

Discovering the symptoms of lower back pain, with an accurate diagnosing the underlying cause of the pain, could be the first step within obtaining efficient pain relief. Our team of chiropractors at our Salt Lake City and South Jordan offices are able to do just that. Once we understand your unique symptoms, we can diagnose the best route to achieving a healthy and strong, pain-free lower back.