A Headache is a very common condition that may be treated by our chiropractor in Salt Lake City and South Jordan. There are numerous different causes and types of headaches. Here are a few types of headaches as well as the different ways these headaches manifest.

A migraine headache is a type of headache that may occur with symptoms such as feeling sick, vomiting, or sensitivity to the light. For many people, a new throbbing discomfort is sensed only on the left or right side of the head. Some people that get migraine headaches have early symptoms, called an aura, before the real headache begins. An aura is a group of signs, including vision disturbances, which might be a warning indicator that an undesirable headache is arriving.

An anxiety headache is pain or discomfort in the head, hair, or neck; usually related to muscle tightness in these places. Tension headaches are one of the most common types of severe headaches. They may happen at and age, but are most common in adults along with adolescents. This common type of headache can be caused by extreme muscle contractions triggered by tension or effort. The American Council for Headache Education (ACHE) estimates that 95% of women and 90% of men in the United States and Canada have had at least one headache in the past twelve months.

Severe tension headaches are regarded as the main type of major headache, so that they are not necessarily caused by another medical condition or even disorder. Other names for tension headaches include muscle tissue contraction headache, ordinary headache, psycho-myogenic headache, along with stress headaches. If any kind of headache occurs two or more times weekly for several weeks or longer, the condition is considered chronic.

A continual, daily headache can result in the under- or over-treatment of your primary frustration. Rebound headaches are problems that keep coming back. They may occur with excessive use of painkillers. Anxiety headaches arise when throat and crown muscles become tense, or perhaps contract. The muscle contractions can be a reaction to stress, depression, a head injury, or anxiousness.

Any activity that causes the head to be held in one particular position for a long time without moving could cause a headache. These kinds of activities consist of typing or working on the computer for extended periods, working with the hands, and using a microscopic lense.

Sleeping in a cool room or sleeping along with the neck/head in an unusual/strained position can also trigger the tension headache. A Cluster headache is an excruciating pain that is typically on just one side of the head. Most doctors as well as scientists described the pain resulting from cluster headaches as the most intensive pain an individual can put up with – more painful than childbirth, burns and broken bones.

Any cluster headache is one-sided mind pain that will involve a stuffy nose and tearing of the eyes. Attacks occur on a regular basis for 7 days and up to 12 months. These attacks can be separated by long pain-free durations that can last at least 1 month, possibly longer.

Migraine Headache

A Migraine headache affects a lot of the population, especially in Salt Lake City and South Jordan. If you’re not sure if you have had a migraine headache or not, then chances are you probably haven’t. The pain has been described as mind numbing, and leaves many sufferers unable to function.

Traditional medical science relies on medication for this issue in most cases, but for many patients that is not the long-term solution. In these cases, it’s important to find the source of what’s causing the problem. Our team offers the best chiropractic care for a migraine headache.

There are many symptoms that can occur before a migraine headache. Hallucinations, depression, or irritation are just some of the symptoms that patients often report before and during a migraine. Migraine headache sufferers will usually try to avoid light and loud noises and experience nausea and vomiting, among other symptoms.

Our chiropractors know and understand how the nervous systems can impact and influence the body, and have been providing relief from a migraine headache for years. Most people do not realize that a chiropractor could help with this type of symptom, but it has been shown that chiropractic care is effective at helping people with a migraine headache.

If the spine moves out of position it can put pressure on the surrounding nerves. This pressure can result in many problems, among them a migraine headache, but when the spine is correctly adjusted and pressure is removed from the nervous system it can reduce or even prevent the occurrence of a migraine headache.

The kind of treatment for a migraine headache you need will depend on what is causing the problem. Our chiropractor and team will work diligently to find the source of your migraine headaches and provide advice on how best to treat it.

Each year millions of dollars are spent treating migraine headaches with aspirin and other drugs. While this may help in some cases, it only treats the symptoms, not the source of the problem. With a little time and effort, our chiropractor will be able to find the source of the problem and offer advice on how to deal with it, which can help you prevent the need for migraine headache medications.