Are you suffering from Sciatica in the Salt Lake City or South Jordan area? Sciatica is a version of nerve pain that can be incredibly painful and debilitating, even when at rest.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body. It starts in your lower spine and then branches into a pair of nerves. They run through both of your hips, buttocks and legs, ending in your feet.

If something pinches or pushes against your sciatic nerve, you may feel pain along the entire length of the nerve. You may also have tingling, numbness or weakness in your leg or foot. Symptoms usually occur only on one side of your body.

Whether your sciatica pain comes and goes, or won’t go away, our physical therapists at Aspen Falls can help. Your treatment plan will depend on your underlying medical condition (what’s causing your sciatica), and the severity of your symptoms.

Healing your sciatica will allow you to enjoy life more thoroughly, every single day. We will help you on the healing journey by stretching your tight muscles and strengthening the weak ones. Our physical therapists can also help you learn to avoid positions or movements that cause pain.

Your therapy for your sciatica is very individualized and unique, just like you. Our specialists will assess your pain and motor function and will work with you on supervised exercises and may also show you how to do exercises at home.