Treat Sciatica Without Costly and Dangerous Surgery

Sciatica nerve pain can be frustrating and debilitating, but fortunately over 95% of cases are treatable without surgery or medication.


  • Sharp or shooting pain in lower back and butt
  • Numbness, tingling, and pain in the hips, legs or feet.
  • Weakness or loss of sensation below your back.

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Breakdown of cartilage in spinal joints, which cause bones to rub against each other, forming painful spurs. These bone spurs extend into the spinal canal which puts pressure on nerves.

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The Good News

Whatever the root cause of your sciatica, it is treatable without surgery. In fact, surgery should be your last option as it carries high risks and often has a longer recover time than our treatments.

Relieve Pain Without Surgery

One of the reasons discs and tissue will continue to bulge is that they’re dried out and no longer flexible. To help increase blood flow to the injured areas, we use a specialized machine to gently stretch the spine, allowing fluids and nutrients back into your disc and arthritic tissues to promote healing. The process is called non-surgical decompression, and is proven to help pull the bulging part of your disc back into place, alleviating pain and other symptoms including sciatica.

Speed Up Recovery With Laser Therapy

Another way to help relieve your pain, and help your disc and tissues heal themselves is by targeting dying and dehydrated cells. To do this we use a calibrated laser that helps increase blood flow, repair tissues and stimulate cell growth, while most importantly reducing inflammation and pressure on the sciatic nerve. Our laser is FDA approved, painless and even cool to the touch.

Heal Fast with a Customized Exercise Plan and Chiropractic care

At Aspen Falls we use specially developed exercises, along with the latest research in chiropractic care, to help your disc and tissues return to their natural position. We’ll train you on these exercises at the clinic, that way you can do them at home in between visits. This helps speed up recovery, and prevent future injuries, while giving you the power to treat at home.

How long will it take to heal your sciatica?

Typically, we can reduce sciatica symptoms within just a few visits.  Depending on how severe your injury is, age, and how well you follow your home exercise program, full recovery is expected within 4-12 weeks. Patients that are working through home exercises along with attending scheduled sessions often recover fastest.