Are you suffering from shoulder pain and discomfort? Shoulder pain can make even a simple act — like washing and brushing your hair, reaching behind your back to fasten a bra, or reaching overhead in the cabinet for a dish – seem like a monumental almost impossible task.

You probably don’t think about your shoulders much, until you suddenly experience pain in one of them. If you live in or near Salt Lake City or South Jordan, we can help you get rid of shoulder pain, fast!

The shoulder has a wide and versatile range of motion. When something goes wrong with your shoulder, it hampers your ability to move freely and can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort, sometimes with the smallest movement.

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body. The rotator cuff helps it move the shoulder forward and backward. It also allows the arm to rotate in a circular motion and to move up and away from the body.

There are four tendons in the rotator cuff. Tendons connect the muscles to the bone. If they are damaged or swollen, it may be painful or difficult to lift your arm over your head.

There are many ways you can injure your shoulder. It can happen while performing manual labor, playing sports, or even by a small repetitive movement. Certain diseases can also be associated with pain that can travel to the shoulder. These include diseases of the cervical spine (neck), as well as liver, heart, or gallbladder disease.

Treatment will depend on the cause and severity of the shoulder pain. Our chiropractors here in Salt Lake City and our South Jordan locations, are trained, can diagnose, evaluate and treat your shoulder pain.

As we getter older, we’re more likely to experience shoulder pain. The pain can come on slowly or all of a sudden, and it may range from mild to very excruciating.

We will help you find the proper diagnosis, create a plan of care and help you create and help you implement it, we will help you with some short and long-term goals towards recovery.