What Does a Misaligned Spine Feel Like?

Misalignment of the spine can create huge problems for you. According to The American Chiropractic Association, back pain accounts for more than 264 million lost working days every year. This means that for every full-time worker in the country, two workdays are lost to back pain. With that kind of economic impact from back pain in lost work and lost recreation time for recovery, spinal misalignment counts as one of the biggest pain points for the American economy. Personally, back pain means lower quality of life, more non-spinal related injuries, and distracted driving. You can address your back pain. Visiting a chiropractor Salt Lake residents trust is a way you can give your future self a gift of lower pain and greater strength and endurance.

What Are Common Signs of a Misaligned Spine

The first question to ask is, is my spine misaligned? There are some easy ways to check. If you sit on the edge of your bed, for example, and one leg appears longer than the other, your spine is probably misaligned. This can show in a lot of ways. If you have one shoe that has more wear than the other, for example, that can be a strong indicator of misalignment. If you have that issue, a chiropractor Salt Lake residents rely on can help ease your issues by moving your spine to take full advantage of your body’s natural strength and symmetry.

A Misaligned Spine Can Cause Problems Far From Your Back

You may think of back problems as contained to the middle of your torso and the posterior area of that, but in reality, your spine affects everything in your body. Your spine carries the second most important cluster of nerves in your body apart from your brain – so if your spine is misaligned, you may have numbness or weakness as far away as your fingers and toes. A chiropractor Salt Lake can help you with your movement and sensation throughout your entire body.

Before You Visit A Chiropractor

Use simple exercises to limber up your muscles and improve circulation and mood before your visit. A good whole-body stretching regimen can give you a sense of profound relief that your chiropractor can build from. You are your first partner in your wellness journey.

If you are having back pain or other issues in your body, chiropractic care can help. Contact Aspen Falls Chiro if you need help.



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